Mobilis Books is currently relocating-- Shipments will resume June 20th.

Mobilis Books is currently relocating...

From May 30 until June 20, 2024, we will be moving from England to America.

You can still place orders and will will ship your book(s) immediately upon our arrival and unpacking of the boxes.

Thanks for your patience!

Medieval & Early Modern Manuscripts

Handwritten documents from the 10th to 16th centuries, these Medieval & Renaissance documents tell the many stories of the people whose lives they passed through and the even longer history of the book.

Catalogue of Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts


Centuries after the Middle Ages ended (around 1500 depending on who you ask), authors and artists looked back to this time period and moulded its moldering remnants into something representative of their own culture.

These are the cultural inheritance of the Middle Ages, as re-imagined primarily in the 19th century.

Catalogue of Medievalism

Rare, Antiquarian, & Otherwise Interesting Books

Collecting from across the New World and Old, Mobilis Books has journeyed on many fine adventures to bring you a collection of international books for interesting people.

Here you will find a selection of century illustrated material from the 15th to 19th centuries.

From printings from hand press era, natural history, history of languages and of peoples, and, of course, spooky and evokative texts to help us dream of past days & lives.

Catalogue of (Un)Usually Illustrated